Who We Are

We are a voluntary organisation that has been working in the Forth Valley area since 1975. We provide a range of counselling and community rehabilitation services for people affected by alcohol and/or drug misuse to help them on the road to recovery. Over the past few years the term ‘substance misuse’ has become popular as a generic description of problems arising from the use and misuse of alcohol, illegal drugs and legally prescribed drugs and tranquillizers.

On average we receive 2,000 referrals per year. About 75% of referrals involve alcohol misuse and the remaining 25% concerns drug misuse although we are seeing an increasing number of people who have problems with both alcohol and drug misuse.

We accept referrals from any source including self referrals and referrals from family members. We are committed to working in partnership with our local authority colleagues, the NHS and other voluntary sector providers to ensure that we can deliver the highest quality services to those who are in most need.