Who are we and what are we trying to do?

We are an independent voluntary organisation and charitable company limited by guarantee. We have been working in the Forth Valley area since 1975 and we have recently engaged in partnership working in South and North Lanarkshire. Our aspiration is to be a leading voluntary sector provider of substance misuse services.

We provide a range of counselling, community rehabilitation and peer development services for people affected by substance misuse to help them on their recovery journey.

Our understanding of the term ‘substance misuse’ is that it is a generic description of problems arising from the use and misuse of alcohol, illegal and legally prescribed drugs and tranquillisers.

There are several definitions of recovery. We see it as being a process whereby individuals are helped to move away from problematic substance misuse towards a harm free and satisfactory lifestyle that encourages them to become active and contributory members of society.

We are committed to working in partnership with our local authority colleagues, the NHS and other voluntary sector organisations to ensure that we can deliver the highest quality services to those who are in most need. The Scottish Government continues to describe the voluntary sector as the third sector to distinguish it from the public and private sectors, and when we are contracted to deliver our services on behalf of our local authority and NHS colleagues, we are often described as a third sector provider.