I am not sure if I need counselling or your rehabilitation service?

Counselling can help some people to stabilise their substance misuse and cope with any underlying or accompanying issues. Some people may require more intensive or more frequent counselling than others. Counselling is usually provided on an individual basis although on occasion we can counsel couples.

Our Community Rehabilitation Services are designed for people who have acquired some stability and are looking to make further changes in their lives as part of their recovery from substance misuse. Our rehabilitation services provide a mixture of structured group work with individual support.

For some people they may decide to only use counselling while others may progress from counselling to joining our rehabilitation services. Other people may decide that counselling is suitable once they have left our rehabilitation services. It all depends on what your needs are and part of the assessment process is for us to try and help you identify what level of support that you may need.

If you are not sure what service that you need please feel free to contact us to discuss on telephone 01324 874 969.

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